Forstkarte Schottland

Czernin-Kinsky Scottish Company Limited Estate is divided in to three main areas. Approximately 3200 hectares of commercial forest

900 hectares of open hill and land managed primarily for the conservation and biodiversity, the remaining 400 hectares is farmland managed for upland stock rearing and is let seasonally to local farmers.

We sustainably harvest around 28,000 tonnes of timber each year using company owned and operated harvesting machinery, of which around 60% enters the domestic construction market, 20% goes to local pallet and fencing mills and the remaining 20% goes to energy production. Czernin-Kinsky Scottish Company Limited is audited annually against the UK Woodland Assurance Standard to ensure the forests are
 FSC® certified. 

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Cornharrow Estate, Dalry, Castle Douglas, DG7 3UG
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